Remedial Chopsticks

24 Sep


Use a spring from a wooden clothespin.


Driftwood Art

4 May

I love the natural beauty of driftwood furniture.  Here are some beautiful examples..

slate stool

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Driftwood Chair

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2 May

You can make these rustic candlesticks yourself.  Just find the right branch and get out your drill!  Follow the link below for full instructions.

DIY Tree Branch Lamp

2 May
DIY Tree Lamp Garden Design Calimesa, CA

You can make this awesome lamp yourself!  Check out the link below for the full details.

Tree Branch Lamp DIY

2 May

lamp industry

Here’s a beautiful rustic lamp you can make . You’ll need the Google translator.   Follow the link below for full instructions.

You Can Make This Cat Tree

29 Apr


You can make this beautiful and functional cat tree yourself. If you’ve ever priced these trees in the pet stores, you know how expensive they are. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and make one yourself. Follow the link below for the instructions. Happy Climbing!!

Image 29 Apr


This sweet little bird is really a smoke detector. Designed by Louise van der Veld, it’s now available in stores in the Netherlands. I hope she decides to market this in the USA. I would love to have this little guy in my house.