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Cool Shoes!

13 Nov

Discovered another talented artist today.  His name is Kobi Levi and his medium is shoes!   I absolutely love the dog shoes! All of his shoes are fabulous.  Check out his website at










Artist I Admire – Sally Prasch

17 Aug

Discovered another super talented artist!  Her name is Sally Prasch and her medium is glass.

"Flower in a Drop"

You can read all about Sally’s profile and see more great pics of her incredible work at:

Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran

1 Aug

This talented artist creates his pictures by cutting them out of leaves.   To see lots more of his work,  click on the link below.

Photo via:

Oreo Art

18 Jul

This talented artist takes food art to whole new level.  This cameo was carved from an Oreo cookie.  To see more of her designs see

8 May

This amazing artist, Jeff Nishinaka,  creates works made entirely of paper.  Check out his website out

Crystal Chandeliers

23 Feb

These beautiful chandeliers are the work of artist  Hans Van Bentem of Rock and Royal.   All images from

I Want to Live and Die in This Room!

22 Feb


This beautiful room is made entirely of chocolate, including the floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, dinnerware, candlesticks and books.  It was created by artist and sculptor Mindaugas Tendziagolskis,  along with six assistants.  It will be on display starting on Valentine’s Day at the Akropolis Shopping Mall in Lithuania.   It took 661 pounds of chocolate to make this 183 square foot room, which is a recreation of a traditional Lithuanian sitting room.

Seven artists clad every inch of the 183-square-foot space in chocolate.  The room will be on view until March 8, at which point people can start eating it.